What to Do About Knee or Ankle Problems

A tear or sprain of a ligament is usually a severe strain or stretch of a muscle.

What to Do About Knee or Ankle Problems proper care of your

The most common ones most likely to be injured are the hands, feet, and ankles. One of the common ankle ligament tears is an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), which is also known as the anterior tibial ligament.

Ligaments are cartilages that connect bones to muscles or tendons. The most common injury to ligaments is a simple tearing or shearing off which can cause some significant pain. There are several different types of injuries such as torn ligaments or sprains.

Some of the more common injuries include: Achilles tendonitis, bursitis, tennis elbow, shin splints, and plantar fasciitis. Each of these injuries requires a treatment which can vary between rest and rehabilitation.

As previously mentioned the most common condition is inflammation of the ligaments and surrounding tissue. This is where the pain comes from. Your body will respond by making antibodies to fight off the inflammation and reduce the pain. This is why sometimes you can have a very severe injury and yet you do not feel any pain.

If you do have an injury to any of your ligaments, it is important to treat the pain first. Tendonitis is a tearing or stretching of the tendon which is caused by too much stress on the tendon. The most common cause of this type of injury is repetitive stress, which is often done in an athletic environment.

The most common cause of bursitis is overuse, usually from the repetitive motions used while lifting heavy objects. Another common cause of bursitis is an injury to the ligaments in the shoulder area.

Once your injury has been diagnosed, you will need to determine the correct method of treatment. Treatment methods will include: rest and/or physiotherapy; physiotherapy including exercise.

What to Do About Knee or Ankle Problems to help determine what type


The above information points outline the main types of ligaments that we all have to contend with. In order to avoid further injury we should always take care of them. They are there to protect us so we should take full responsibility to keep them in the best possible condition for maximum performance.

Once you have taken proper care of your ligaments, it should not be too hard to repair them and make sure they last you for a long time. Most injuries can be prevented from occurring in the first place.

The tendons are one of the most important part of the body and they play a very important role. They are responsible for flexing the leg and are attached to the bone. If you are experiencing pain from your injury it could be due to an injury to the tendons and you should consult with a specialist.

This is a factor that we often ignore. We often assume that if it is affecting our performance that we have a problem with our knee or ankle but in actual fact it could be another type of ligament. This is something that can be treated using the same type of equipment that is used for knee or ankle problems.

It is a good idea to see a chiropractor as well to have this type of examination done. The chiropractor will be able to help determine what type of treatment is best for you. For instance a knee pain is much different than an ankle sprain. Often times a simple adjustment to the ligament will provide relief.

Other things to consider is having your joints tested so that you can have a better understanding of what your condition is like and get a better idea of your range of movement. Knowing where you have the most trouble will give you a better understanding of what needs to be done.